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Our Mission

St Dominic’s Home for the Elderly is a low-care, multicultural facility that welcomes residents of different nationalities and denominations.  St Dominic’s Home for the Elderly is planned to provide modern, attractive and comfortable accommodation for the elderly who are capable of basic self care Our staff are committed to provide a safe, secure and quality of life to all our residents

Our vision is to acknowledge and respect the dignity of each resident and provide an excellent standard of comfort, homelike environment and health care.

Aged Care

Discussing aged care service options for an elderly relative and getting the process started can be a difficult and emotional task for many families.

Many of us avoid taking action and wait until there is an accident or a health crisis before we seek help, but it is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure.

The signs that an elderly relative may need help can be as simple as struggling to carry the groceries home, or it can be a more significant problem such as frequent memory loss.

We all wish for our parents and grandparents to spend their golden years happily and continue to live fulfilling lives, so we’re here to help you find the right level of aged care and get started.

Understanding Aged Care
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Our Commitment

To acknowledge & respect the dignity of each resident
& provide an excellent standard of comfort & health care.